NPD Strategy & Product Design

Whether you're a challenger brand on a mission to shake-up the category or an established brand striving to grow market share, innovation is crucial to the future of any food business.

The most successful innovations are more than tweaks to an existing formula. They’re fresh, intuitive ideas that change markets, excite consumers and fit your business strategy.

To achieve these results you need a clear vision. Through in-depth analysis of your brand, the competitive landscape, food trends and consumer taste preferences, we work with you to define a future strategy and design a strategic framework that includes innovation opportunities both now and into the future.

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Brand Positioning &

A compelling brand position is vital to your food business. Whether you are large or small, established or in start-up phase, brand equity should be at the core of everything you do. Strategic FMCG  works with brand owners and retailers on formulas to target key consumer groups and stand out from competitors with a clear, meaningful and authentic proposition.


Food Trend Analysis & Interpretation

The world of food is growing and changing faster than ever before. 
From the dressing on your salad to global megatrends in public health, sustainability and scarcity, we monitor the changing consumer reality, new scientific insights and novel technologies to uncover early signs of emerging food and design trends. Armed with these opportunities your brand can formulate strategies within the category and create innovative solutions to anticipate consumer needs.

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