What do we offer?

  • New Product Development (NPD) Strategy

  • Labelling Strategy

  • Barcode Creation & Verification

  • Retailer & Supplier Engagement

  • Software Solutions

  • General Consulting

Founder and Managing Director

Rowan Barnes, a 20-year FMCG expert, excels in Sales Leadership, Account & Category Management, Business Development, and Field Sales. Highly respected in Australia and New Zealand, he consistently delivers successful outcomes for branded and private label projects in the retail and manufacturing sectors.

What we do

We individualise product lifestyle management tailored to your needs.

What is FMCG or
Consumer Goods?

Products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost such as foodtoiletriesbeveragesstationeryover-the-counter medicinescleaning and laundry productsplastic goodspersonal care productsmobile phonesconsumer electronics

From the beginning…

A successful product journey starts with global standards for business communication, ensuring seamless integration into supply chains and inventory systems. Coupled with professional product content management services, captivating visuals and accurate information are crafted to capture the audience’s attention and trust, setting the stage for a strong market entrance.

…to the end (user)

As the journey progresses, engaging and functional packaging designs for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) become essential. By understanding consumer decision-making, innovative packaging solutions are crafted that resonate emotionally, driving impulse purchases and brand loyalty. The seamless integration of standardised identifiers, captivating visuals, and effective packaging guarantees a positive customer experience and product success in a competitive market.

An overview of where we can help 

Barcode Verification

Ensure the accuracy and readability of your barcodes with a comprehensive verification report, evaluating compliance with global standards and providing insights for optimal performance.

Global Standard Implementation

Adopt internationally recognised identification systems, such as GS1 standards, to facilitate seamless integration into supply chains and enhance efficiency in inventory management and point-of-sale operations.

Product Photography

Capture high-quality, professional images of your products to elevate their visual appeal, enhancing online listings and driving customer engagement.

Data Management

Ensure your product information is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date across various channels by utilising expert data management services, contributing to a seamless customer experience.

FMCG Packaging Design

Develop innovative and functional packaging solutions for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods that resonate with consumers on an emotional level, driving impulse purchases and establishing brand loyalty.

Product Content Management

Streamline the process of creating, managing, and distributing product content across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and accurate presentation of your product’s information.

FMCG Packaging Strategy Consultation

Collaborate with experienced consultants to develop a packaging strategy tailored to your Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, focusing on consumer preferences, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness to drive sales and brand recognition.

Barcode Consultation

Receive expert guidance on selecting and implementing the most suitable barcode types and formats for your products, ensuring optimal scanning performance and compliance with industry requirements.

eCommerce Optimization Consultation

Work with knowledgeable consultants to optimise your eCommerce presence, refining product listings, enhancing visuals, and improving overall user experience to maximize customer engagement and conversion rates.

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