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Barcode Verification Reports

Our barcode verification reports are conducted by experienced professionals using state-of-the-art equipment and software. We provide detailed reports that include a thorough analysis of your barcodes, including any issues or errors that are identified, as well as recommendations on how to address these issues.

  • Purchase an Interim Barcode Verification report for Quality control during the printing process, Testing different printing methods, Ensuring compliance with industry standards, Verifying changes to the barcode design or Optimizing barcode performance
  • Purchase a Full Barcode Verification report for all the interim benefits plus ISO/IEC Grading, Detailed Parameter Analysis, Data Validation, Scanability Testing, Comprehensive Results and Recommendations and Historical Comparison (if applicable)
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At Strategic FMCG, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable barcodes for consumer packaged goods. That’s why we offer comprehensive barcode verification reports to help you ensure that your products meet all necessary standards and requirements.

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