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New Product Development

Innovation is key to success in the FMCG industry. Strategic FMCG can help you develop new products and ideas that meet the needs of your customers and differentiate your brand through:

  • Market Research

  • Idea Generation

  • Product Development

  • Commercialisation Strategies

Market Analysis

Understanding the market and the competition is essential for success in the FMCG industry. Our team can help you with market analysis that provides insights into consumer behaviour, trends, and opportunities through:

  • Market Sizing

  • Consumer Segmentation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Export Strategy

Retailer / Supplier Engagement

Strong relationships between suppliers & retailers is crucial for success in the FMCG industry. Strategic FMCG can help you develop effective engagement strategies to:

  • Establish Commercial Relationships

  • Foster Ongoing Collaboration

  • Execute Joint Business Plans

  • Devise Retail Execution Strategies

Private Label Strategy

Private Label / Store Brands continue to grow in popularity and are gaining traction, driven by consumer demand for cost-effective and high-quality products.

This trend is expected to continue as consumers prioritise value and are increasingly willing to try alternatives to more expensive branded offers.

For Retailers, Private Label provides a unique value proposition for consumers and a point-of-difference to competitors.

For Suppliers, Private Label can help establish long-term partnerships with retailers and reduce reliance on brand-name products, which can be subject to intense competition and market volatility.

Strategic FMCG has the experience and expertise to help retailers and suppliers:

    • Build a private label strategy from scratch or re-align your existing strategy
    • Identify product ranging opportunities and optimise category approaches to private label
    • Find the right partners (retailers / suppliers) to deliver successful private label outcomes
    • Navigate complex retailer requirements to become an approved private label supplier

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